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Tony Abbott must protect UTAS and reject elitist plan for universities

The Australian Greens say plans to increase student fees while ripping $2.4 billion away from universities would hurt an already struggling sector in Tasmania, and clearly demonstrates how the Abbott government has got its priorities wrong.

Coalition MP's have indicated support for the Kemp-Norton review, which earlier this month recommended giving taxpayer funds to private institutions, abolishing targets for supporting disadvantaged students, and covering a drop in government contributions with an increase in student fees.

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Greens Leader joins Tassie uni students to oppose Labor's dumb cuts

Australian Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne has rallied students at the University of Tasmania in Hobart to oppose Labor's $2.3 billion university cuts.

Senator Milne, who met with Tasmanian university students today, said the Greens would stand strong in the Senate to oppose any moves to cut university funding.

"Labor's dumb uni cuts, supported by Tony Abbott, will hurt Tasmania even more than other states. The good news is they have not been legislated so we can make this election a referendum on university funding," Senator Milne said.

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Greens launch bid to boost university funding

The Australian Greens today launched a new plan to boost university funding by 10 per cent - or $1.474 billion - over the next four years to improve the quality of higher education.

The Greens proposal, which has been costed by the Parliamentary Budget Office and is calculated on base funding levels prior to Labor's $2.3 billion budget cuts, will be gradually phased in from 2014 to 2017, applied at a rate of 2.5 per cent per calendar year from 1 January next year.

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Greens to move for full Senate inquiry on $2,000 education tax deduction cap

"The Greens have major concerns with the Rudd government's proposal to cap self education expense deductions to $2,000. This change will require legislation and we would move to send the legislation to a full Senate inquiry," said Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne.

"The Greens are concerned that while the current scheme may need better targeting, the $2,000 cap is a blunt instrument. While rorting from some professions is anecdotally reported, that should not outweigh the concerns of people such as nurses from regional areas trying to get training.

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Greens Join Queensland Unis to Fight Cuts

Australian Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne and Greens Senate candidate Adam Stone have today joined Queensland universities and students in Brisbane to oppose Labor and Tony Abbott's $2.3 billion university cuts.

The visit is part of a new Greens' national campaign - Uni Cuts Hurt - to stop the old parties slashing university funding.

As part of the campaign, Senator Milne is meeting with university students and staff across the country to discuss the impact of funding cuts, and the decision to turn student start-up scholarships into HECS-style loan.

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Australian Greens launch national campaign to reverse Labor’s uni cuts

The Australian Greens today launched a new national campaign - Uni Cuts Hurt - to reverse Labor's $2.3 billion university funding cuts.

The Greens campaign is working for a 10 per cent increase in per student base funding, an additional $50 per week for students on Youth Allowance, greater job security and the rights of unions to enter workplaces.

As part of the campaign Greens Senators will work with university students and staff across the country to reverse the funding cuts to universities and retain student start-up scholarships.

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Greens Join South Australian Students to Stop Uni Cuts

Australian Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne and Senator Sarah Hanson-Young have joined South Australian universities and students today to oppose Labor and Tony Abbott’s $2.3 billion university cuts.
Senator Milne said slashing funding to universities will hurt 70,000 South Australian students who will face more crowded classrooms and extra pressure due to cuts.
“Labor’s plan to make the start-up scholarships a part of HECS will add additional burdens for up to 18,000 of South Australia’s most disadvantaged students,” Senator Milne said.

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Greens Not Supporting Dumb Uni Cuts

The Australian Greens won't be supporting legislation to enable cuts to university scholarships mooted in tonight's budget, Leader Christine Milne announced today.

"For a supposedly clever country, slashing universities is just dumb. We are robbing the future if we allow these cuts to go ahead," Senator Milne said.

"We need to support education from early childhood right through to tertiary level if we're going to move away from the cut-it-down, dig-it-up economic approach.

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