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More questions to be answered on National Academy of Music

The Government could not deny that the two independent reviews of the Australian National Academy of Music both recommended increased funding to the Academy, not its closure, following questioning by the Greens in Question Time today.

Minister Wong, representing Minister Garrett in the Senate, also avoided explicitly answering a question regarding whether any Government representatives had met with Glyn Davis or other representatives from the University of Melbourne prior to the Academy's closure.

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Question on National Academy of Music

Senator MILNE (2.29 pm)-My question is to the Minister representing the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts, Senator Wong, and relates to the closure of the Australian National Academy of Music. Minister, can you explain why Minister Garrett has repeatedly raised the two independent reviews of the academy-the Mills review and the Grant review-as justifications for his decision to defund the academy, when both reviews clearly and explicitly called for increased funding for the academy to enable it to grow? Isn't Minister Garrett misleading the Australian community?

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Greens and Liberals unite to support unique Academy of Music

The Greens and Liberals moved a joint motion in the Senate today calling on the Rudd Government to immediately reinstate 2008-09 funding for the Australian National Academy of Music, to ensure that the unique school stays open next year.

"Australia needs more highly trained professionals, and our musical star performers, who bring such stimulation and joy to our lives, are critical to our national well-being," said Australian Greens Deputy Leader and Arts Spokesperson, Senator Christine Milne.

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Education - revolution or reformation?

Senator MILNE» (Tasmania) (4:10 PM) -I rise today to comment on this important matter brought before the Senate in relation to the planning, costing and implementation, in a timely manner, of the flagship election promise, the ‘education revolution'. Frankly, I am concerned that there is not going to be an education revolution in Australia but that we are actually going to see a reformation of where the Howard government has been and that this government is going to head in exactly the same direction. A revolution implies excitement; it implies a change.

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